Monthly Archives: January 2014

What do I wish for?

What do I wish for?
Peace, friendship
Love and hamony, throughout the world
Food, shelter and jobs for all
To carry on quietly at work
Working hard, doing my best, trying to keep out of trouble
And not getting on everyone’s nerves
Developing loving relationships with friends
With more time as well as gifts and messages
What do I wish for?
Peace for the world
Peace for myself
Despite all experiences, with which I am faced
Grasp opportunities and chances, and run with them instead of away
And find Stillness and Calm (unfamiliar bedfellows or companions)
Inside my own head…

Happy New Year!

I wish you happiness
I wish you peace
The fellowship and love of family and friends
Those you know, and those you haven’t yet met
I wish you surprises
“The unexpected in the spice of life”…
So I’m told!
I wish you the best of everything
In my estimation, it is richly deserved
But even if it isn’t, to very man (and woman and child and creature)
In my kindness and generosity
I give it anyway, gladly, to each and every one

Happy New Year!!