I dion’t know about others who have blogs, but I have had messages (probably from spammers, most likely) commenting on how bad the spelling is on my blog! Now I’m paranoid anyway, but I’ve got worse. I’m constantly checking, re-checking and editing posts. The English teachers at my school would be saying that this is good, and is a practice they wish they could get our learners into. As a writer, I started  the blog originally to improve my writing and language techniques and useage. Whether I’ve improved I don’t know, in all honesty. That’s something I need to do; look back to when I started, and make a comparison with now…I just find myself panicking, and just checking my text all the time. Also, when I find a mistake when I come back to something that’s been published for a while, I then panic about the people who may have spotted  it before I did ! I know I shouldn’t panic, as there’s no need (as no one reads my blog anymore) but I still do!