New Year’s Resolutions 2014

I told you I’d written some! Ok. here we go…

  • Spend less money – already failing on that one!
  • See friends more – I give them gifts, send them texts and emails, but maybe should give them more of my time in person. That sounds bad; of course they see me, but i think I should make an effort to see people more.
  • Do things without my parents more – travelling; Bath to see my friend who is at college there, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vienna and Salsburg! (Bath’s possible, the others….really not sure)
  • Start Reading Quest reading project at school – kids get rewards after reading certain number of books. Have a card to be stamped as they bring each book they’ve read back. “The powers that be” want me to try to raise awareness of reading, so this is something I haven’t tried!
  • Keep working for awareness of poverty and homelessness. Church magazine articles, monthly cake sales (mum you rock. Thank you for believing in me and in the value of supporting this cause), donating to foodbanks…the issues are not going to go away.
  • Spend more time with God and His Word. Listen. (Doing Church of England’s Bishop’s Certificate Course, but only attended one meeting so far, so will blog about it when I’ve got more to say! Think so far that it will be challenging. I will learn about God, but I’ll also learn that I can do more than I thought I could!)
  • Sing in the church choir again (if I can attend rehearsals)

There! I think some things are achieveable, others are there to challenge my thoughts, but the chances of me actually achieving them are slim! However, I surprised myself in 2013, with my progression in my driving (I now drive to work) and going to Iona, so I suppose anything is possible!