Blood tests, spending money online and small tomatoes!

The first thing t did today, was to go to the doctor’s for a blood test, as the diabetes nurse wanted to see me again in January, and I have to have a test to check the sugar levels in my blood beforehand. I see the nurse on 13th January, and I’m hoping that my levels have come down from what they were, which was very high. I’ve lost a lot of weight since my diagnosis, and now have some pairs of size 16 trousers upstairs, which is amazing! I was a size 20!

Money! I have written some New Year’s Resolutions, which may well get published on here, and one of them was “Spend less money!”. Now, admittedly I was given money instead of chocolate by my grandad for Chirstmas, which given my health, I was grateful for, and didn’t expect him to remember, so thanks, Grandad! I spent the money on papercrafting and jewellery making resources from Create and Craft and Jewellery Maker (TV channels that both have websites; check out the Blog Roll for addresses/links), which I told him I would do. He did actually give me double the money we’d agreed, so that was very generous of him, and I am not complaining! However, I have bought some clothes in a smaller size as I mentioned (my work trousers are falling down, and people have noticed me hitching them up as I walk down the corridor, so I thought I really needed to do something about that before we start the new term!!). I am still psending though, even if it’s for other people (that includes the things I make, as they get sold for the church), or things that I needed (because my clothes are too big). I NEED TO STOP SPENDING MONEY! I must try to do this!

I have also been extremely naughty, especially when me, mum and dad hosted an open house on Saturday. We welcomed family, mum and dad’s old school friends, friends from church, and some of our neighbours. It was a really good occasion. My problem was resisting my mother’s cooking, as she is a brilliant cook! I did manage to get through the evening without sucumbing to her Lemon Tart! Everyone else was digging in! She didn’t make the White Chocolate Gateux that she made last year, at least! I asked her not to do that, as that would have talked to me in an evil, “serpent-in-the-Garden-of-Eden” type voice, I reckon! I made a mistake, as when I made a big salad that I could pick at (and anyone else, although I did make it bigger so that I had more I could eat, as I could only have one portion of the Tomato, Lentil and Potato soup, or the Mushroom, Brie and Cranberry Filo Pie [“thanks, carbs, for making my life boring”, says she, as she munches through lettuce and a celery stick.  I do like salad, but it isn’t as nice as chocolate. let’s face it. Not for me, anyway]). I threw the little tomatoes my dad puts with his sandwich for work, in the salad! He therefore had none to go with his sandwich when he went back to work today, because he doesn’t like sliced big tomatoes on sandwiches, like I have, as he doesn’t like it making the bread soggy! All I can say is “Dad, I’m sorry for not thinking and being an idiot. I will get you some more!”

ADD: I don’t know how many outlets they have now, but The Range is a great place for everything, but particularly papercrafting, as is Hobbycraft, although The Range is cheaper! The best deals on card blanks can be found at The Range, definitely!