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Death in Paradise: I’m disappointed…

I bought the box set of series 1 and 2 for mum for Christmas. The underlying romance between Camille and Richard is something that had kept both of us interested.

I saw the trailer for the new series that is starting shortly. What did I see? Richard is murdered, and Kris Marshall comes in as a new DI? I know actors want to do new things, and don’t want to be typecast, but how could Ben Miller leave, when the previous series left us with them waiting for Richard to return from London, and Camille’s happiness when he did? I personally am disappointed, and i think mum is too. I’m sure the series will still be good, but I will miss that element of the plotline. I suppose there could be a romance between Camille and the new DI but I’m not certain. We will see…

New Year’s Resolutions 2014

I told you I’d written some! Ok. here we go…

  • Spend less money – already failing on that one!
  • See friends more – I give them gifts, send them texts and emails, but maybe should give them more of my time in person. That sounds bad; of course they see me, but i think I should make an effort to see people more.
  • Do things without my parents more – travelling; Bath to see my friend who is at college there, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Vienna and Salsburg! (Bath’s possible, the others….really not sure)
  • Start Reading Quest reading project at school – kids get rewards after reading certain number of books. Have a card to be stamped as they bring each book they’ve read back. “The powers that be” want me to try to raise awareness of reading, so this is something I haven’t tried!
  • Keep working for awareness of poverty and homelessness. Church magazine articles, monthly cake sales (mum you rock. Thank you for believing in me and in the value of supporting this cause), donating to foodbanks…the issues are not going to go away.
  • Spend more time with God and His Word. Listen. (Doing Church of England’s Bishop’s Certificate Course, but only attended one meeting so far, so will blog about it when I’ve got more to say! Think so far that it will be challenging. I will learn about God, but I’ll also learn that I can do more than I thought I could!)
  • Sing in the church choir again (if I can attend rehearsals)

There! I think some things are achieveable, others are there to challenge my thoughts, but the chances of me actually achieving them are slim! However, I surprised myself in 2013, with my progression in my driving (I now drive to work) and going to Iona, so I suppose anything is possible!


I dion’t know about others who have blogs, but I have had messages (probably from spammers, most likely) commenting on how bad the spelling is on my blog! Now I’m paranoid anyway, but I’ve got worse. I’m constantly checking, re-checking and editing posts. The English teachers at my school would be saying that this is good, and is a practice they wish they could get our learners into. As a writer, I started  the blog originally to improve my writing and language techniques and useage. Whether I’ve improved I don’t know, in all honesty. That’s something I need to do; look back to when I started, and make a comparison with now…I just find myself panicking, and just checking my text all the time. Also, when I find a mistake when I come back to something that’s been published for a while, I then panic about the people who may have spotted  it before I did ! I know I shouldn’t panic, as there’s no need (as no one reads my blog anymore) but I still do!

Blood tests, spending money online and small tomatoes!

The first thing t did today, was to go to the doctor’s for a blood test, as the diabetes nurse wanted to see me again in January, and I have to have a test to check the sugar levels in my blood beforehand. I see the nurse on 13th January, and I’m hoping that my levels have come down from what they were, which was very high. I’ve lost a lot of weight since my diagnosis, and now have some pairs of size 16 trousers upstairs, which is amazing! I was a size 20!

Money! I have written some New Year’s Resolutions, which may well get published on here, and one of them was “Spend less money!”. Now, admittedly I was given money instead of chocolate by my grandad for Chirstmas, which given my health, I was grateful for, and didn’t expect him to remember, so thanks, Grandad! I spent the money on papercrafting and jewellery making resources from Create and Craft and Jewellery Maker (TV channels that both have websites; check out the Blog Roll for addresses/links), which I told him I would do. He did actually give me double the money we’d agreed, so that was very generous of him, and I am not complaining! However, I have bought some clothes in a smaller size as I mentioned (my work trousers are falling down, and people have noticed me hitching them up as I walk down the corridor, so I thought I really needed to do something about that before we start the new term!!). I am still psending though, even if it’s for other people (that includes the things I make, as they get sold for the church), or things that I needed (because my clothes are too big). I NEED TO STOP SPENDING MONEY! I must try to do this!

I have also been extremely naughty, especially when me, mum and dad hosted an open house on Saturday. We welcomed family, mum and dad’s old school friends, friends from church, and some of our neighbours. It was a really good occasion. My problem was resisting my mother’s cooking, as she is a brilliant cook! I did manage to get through the evening without sucumbing to her Lemon Tart! Everyone else was digging in! She didn’t make the White Chocolate Gateux that she made last year, at least! I asked her not to do that, as that would have talked to me in an evil, “serpent-in-the-Garden-of-Eden” type voice, I reckon! I made a mistake, as when I made a big salad that I could pick at (and anyone else, although I did make it bigger so that I had more I could eat, as I could only have one portion of the Tomato, Lentil and Potato soup, or the Mushroom, Brie and Cranberry Filo Pie [“thanks, carbs, for making my life boring”, says she, as she munches through lettuce and a celery stick.  I do like salad, but it isn’t as nice as chocolate. let’s face it. Not for me, anyway]). I threw the little tomatoes my dad puts with his sandwich for work, in the salad! He therefore had none to go with his sandwich when he went back to work today, because he doesn’t like sliced big tomatoes on sandwiches, like I have, as he doesn’t like it making the bread soggy! All I can say is “Dad, I’m sorry for not thinking and being an idiot. I will get you some more!”

ADD: I don’t know how many outlets they have now, but The Range is a great place for everything, but particularly papercrafting, as is Hobbycraft, although The Range is cheaper! The best deals on card blanks can be found at The Range, definitely!

Christmas pictures!



Here we have some pictures of our Christmas tree, and our fireplace with fairylights and about half of our christmas cards. People have been very generous and kind. I’ve had cards and presents from people I didn’t expect them from this year, which has been lovely and a big surprise. My mum decorated our tree, which is amazing, I think. Me and mum both organised the cards around the fireplace. I think its lovely, as it looks really traditional!

Derren Brown

I do watch the magician Dynamo a lot, and I’ve recently started watching some the things Brown does. I don’t like the potentially killing kittens episode. However the Trick or Treat episode with David Tennant was really good, as are two of the live shows I’ve seen. I don’t think I’d be brave enough to be in the audience myself, however! I also think his mother (after the russian Roulette event, plus almost suffocating himself with  a plastic bag, to bring his pulse right down, so he could attempt to  walk barefoot over broken glass during a live act, with no cuts or blood after, even though he stands and pulls chunks of glass out of the soles of his feet, so he could emulate an illuisonist who he respected) must feel like slapping him sometimes!


Many people have spoken to me about this series, and knowing how much Miranda Hart had been inspired by the incomperable Eric Morecombe, I watched episode one of series one on TV on demand, the other night. I have no words. I spent most of my time hiding behind my hands. It was that excrciating. I will say that i like the asides to camera, exactly how Morecombe used to do them. However, it was very slapstick, which I don’t really like, and I reckon Hart’s tour in the New Year will be something similar. Not for me, I’m afraid.

Thinking about my bucket list…

I made this list some time ago, so I thought I’d have a look and see what I’d actually done that was on it, if anything! I’m actually quite surprised!

1. Have the nerve to do an abseil to raise money for St Pauls Hostel.
2. Go to The Vatican. DONE IT!!
3. Get Bonzo and Friends published
4. Meet Georg Ganswein
5.Learn to scuba dive
6. Go to Iona (going in July/August 2013) DONE IT!!!
7. Go to Jerusalem
8. Go to austria
9. Go to holy Island at Lindisfarne (Done it!)
10. Go on Northern Cross (pilgrimage at Easter finishing on Lindisfarne, that my friend’s parents started when they were at university, and she is now involved with too)

I am reconciled to the fact that Bonzo and Friends (my series of children’s books) will never be published, and that I will never meet Georg Ganswein. However, I would love to learn flower-arranging, and I would love to have a go at sstained glass making. There is a trip to Jerusalem and the Holy Land being organised by my diocese this year, but having gone to Iona, I can’t afford it. I also found just going to Scotland to be a massive challenge. I don’t think I’m ready for a trip abroad yet!

Boxing Day Sales…..Wow!

Pictures on the news this morning: I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry in response. Adults getting into a branch of Next, when it opened its sale at 6am, pushing and shoving to get through the door. The learners at school do that to get into my LRC when I open morning homework club. I tell them to stand in the corridor and grow up before I let them in, if they push and jostle too much! You kind of expect it from kids, but you would think that adults would know better. I’m 33 and I don’t feel sensible enough to be an adult, but I certainly wouldn’t be doing that, and I definitely wouldn’t be queuing to get into the sales at that time in a morning! I’ve worked during them, and that’s enough to put you off, especially the first few days.  I love spoiling other people, and when I’m buying things, I like my bargains as much as the next person, but it is true that i don’t like buying things for myself.  Everything I do is for others, and stopping me from giving those I love gifts, would be like cutting off one of my limbs! I was bullied at various times in my life, and now I am blessed with friends, and lots of them. I still cannot comprehend, considering my history, that there are now people who like me, love me and want to spend time with me. I don’t think I will ever totally be able to understand that, but it think as problems go, it’s probably quite a nice issue to have!!

“Peace on Earth, Good Will to All”

I think it is self evident to all that this message needs to be at the cornerstone of our existence at all times, not simply at Christmas. I endeavour to do this as much as I can, although I appreciate how difficult it is. This world needs love and care for each other, but not just something that is in reality cold, and just on the surface of our characters. It needs to be genuine, heartfelt and not just for show. If we set out to show love and care for our fellow creatures of existence, and it needs to be fully inclusive. I will need to work on this, as even though I do work to support the homeless, I was intimidated by one of the surface users I met once. Others I’ve met have been really nice, despite everything they’ve been through. This one guy seemed ungrateful and keen on playing with the rules (the homeless hostel I support has strict rules on alcohol and drugs not being on the premises), which annoyed me, as anyone who has got into the hostel is lucky (it only has 46 beds, always full) and there are always people waiting for a place. It is an opportunity not to be trifled with, and those who genuinely  want to take the second chance and make a success of it, in my expereince , are all sensitive to this. I need to overcome my fear and my irritation. It is not helpful, considering what I am trying to do! I’m not naive about people who have the issues I encounter at the hostel, but if you have got in there, you need to use that chance wisely, and not squander what you have been given.

Christmas starts on Christmas Day and goes on until the first Sunday in February, known as Candlemas. I wish everyone a blessed and peaceful time, filled with love and care for all.