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Halloween and Bonfire night



There  is a lot of discussion and debate about Halloween and Bonfire Night. It’s for devil-worshippers, it’s anti-catholic, all sorts. I love Halloween, and decorated our house, although we got no trick or treaters this year. If people in the community are involved then I like to be involved too. Community, especially in the economic situation we have, is more important than ever. I’m not so keen on the actual bonfire on Bonfire night, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE fireworks! I just think they are so beautiful! I know how shallow that is, i know the history behind the event, but I just love the colours! I’m just being honest! I will say though, many of my friends and neighbours have pets, especially cats and dogs, and a lot of them do not like Bonfire night at all, specifically because of the bangs and loud noise that the fireworks create.  Look after your pets at this time of year, and I apologise to all pet owners for loving fireworks so much! Sorry Sorry Sorry! Children need to keep safe too! Please don’t pick up any used sparklers. They might look ok because they’ve gone out, but they are still hot for a long time after, so please don’t touch them!! Be safe, and enjoy yourselves!!

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Happy Divali!


Today, November 3rd, is Divali, the Hindu festival of Lights! Wishing all Hindus a very happy and peaceful Divali, full of light

and laughter!


(L-R, above) Lakshmi, the goddess of prosperity. She is always seen seated in a lotus flower, and Ganesha, the elephant-headed

god of prosperity and wisdom. Lakshmi is the wife of Vishnu, and Ganeshsa is the child of Shiva and Parvati.


The Feast of All Saints (Nov 1st)

For the gift of his Spirit:
blessed be Christ.

For the catholic Church:
blessed be Christ.

For the means of grace:
blessed be Christ.

For the hope of glory:
blessed be Christ.

For the triumphs of his gospel:
blessed be Christ.

For the lives of his saints:
blessed be Christ.

In joy and in sorrow:
blessed be Christ.

In life and in death:
blessed be Christ.

Now and to the end of the ages:
blessed be Christ.


May all the saints support and intercede for us in our lives.

Thanks be to God


Create and Craft

I love this tv channel and its website! I cannot believe this wasn’t on the blogroll, so I have now rectified that! They have great brands, such as Hunkydory and Kanban (papercrafters and card makers will know those names well.). All the presenters are also experts in different craft fields, so they are all very knowledgable, as well as the experts from the different brands that are bought in also! Currently watching Barbara Gray doing a stamping demonstation/masterclass. Stamping is only technique I am awful at, and always have been, so I’m finding it interesting but even if I follow all the instructions to get a clear stamped image, I never seem to! Give me decoupage any day!!