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Carbs and Cals

I have to recommend this book. it has been invaluable since m diagnosis. it tells you in terms of 1 portion of a foodstuff up to 6 portions in some cases, what the calorie and carb content also gives you the dimensions of plates and bowls used in the pictures so you can relate the amount of food to the size of what it is in, and compare it to your own crockery. It is this book which has shown me that I can have one slice of pizza at my friend’s on Saturday, but that’s it. I have to fill up the rest of my plate with salad, and definitely no seconds! Definitely worth purchasing. We got ours from Amazon.

Type 2 Diabetes

I was diagnosed with this condition a few weeks ago. It was a shock, despite the fact that I had many things that would point to my being more likely to be diabetic, including being overweight and carrying a lot of that weight abdominally. Due to significant changes in my diet I have lost weight, but it has gone from my hips and bottom (which is non-existent anyway) not from my tummy. if you want weight to go from a particular place you can pretty much guarantee it will go from every other place but! I am on a drug called Metformin, and the aim at present is to get my blood sugars down from 83 (which i understand is very high) to 48 or lower. I have escaped insulin for now (Thanks be to God) but that doesn’t mean I won’t need it in the future. this is a condition for life, so i am trying to get used to it. My cousin’s 21st birthday party was good, but all my favourites (buffet food like veggie spring rolls, crisps which I love and can’t have) were there, calling to me. My blood sugars were screaming because carbs play a big role in diabetes management, and that buffet table was groaning under the weight of the carbs! I had a rice salad that I bought from home (portion controlled) and three celery sticks, as salad and veggies (except potatoes) are the only foods I can eat as much as I want of. If you want to know more about the condition, I’ve put the Diabetes UK website in the blogroll: