I am so glad Wibsite is back!

YAYYYY! Well done to Chris for getting this back up and running again! I will be honest, I do love blogging. However, you truly do not know how much something means to you until you cannot use it! So much has happened that I would’ve blogged about. I will have to get my list and start! By the way, somebody made a comment that ended up in my spam about the fact that Margaret Thatcher deserved to be hated and that i should deal with it. We now have people defacing mosques because two despicable excuses for human beings (so not everyone within Islam) hacked a soldier to death. I think this is evidence more than ever that Britain is one of the most intolerant nations on the planet, and attitudes need to change. We are already staring World War Three in the face thanks to Syria and the Arab Spring countries. Please try and make Britain an example of humanity, kindness, where we say that the person next door is our friend, regardless of gender, race, religion, sexual persuasion, criminal past, anything.