Big sigh of relief about the British!

Just to say that I’m relieved some decency came back to the british people in time for Weds! I have no issue with free speech and if your opinion was that you hated Thatcher, that’s up to you. However, there is a time and a place, and someone’s funeral wasn’t it. I never agreed with her having a public funeral through the risk of unrest. Cost was an issue, but if it had been a senior royal, or someone more popular, I argue that there would not have been such an outcry in terms of finance. At least the British people (generally) proved me wrong on the unrest front, in the capital during the funeral. I would say again that no matter how much you dislike someone, I cannot personally think of a time when celebrating someone’s death; being happy that they are dead, is right. I’m sure lots of people will now give me suggestions, including the fact that Mrs T ruined their lives. Keep that to yourself, for the sake of those who loved her. That’s what the British people managed to do yesterday, and I was relieved. I knew we were better than what I thought! I just knew it!