The Effects of Snow

As you know I work in a school. It was closed today, except for exam students and those staff who live “within walking distance”. I live 14 miles from my place of work. Our caretakers have been working like trojans for days now, and I take my hat off to them. People who complain (particularly parents) about schools being shut need to think about something. If your child falls over at school, the first people that can be blamed is the school and its actions. Such risks of being potentially sued have to be considered. We have no choice. If teachers live far away like many of my colleagues do, the school can be closed due to not having enough staff for the number of learners. As a faith school we have a wide catchment area, which children coming to us from a wide geographical area. Children can have issues getting home again if weather conditions deteriorate. I wish people would think about what they would do, before complaining. I know everyone has issues with childcare, and I do understand the issues. I have worked in education look enough, so don’t start on that one. One of my colleagues wasn’t sure if she could come to work because her childcarer travels to her and the snow was worse in her area. In these condition we need to pull together, think about how we would respond in such situations, and try to keep our children safe. They are not allowed to throw snowballs at my school. Getting a chunk of ice in your eye from one being thrown is a health and safety issue whether the child is in school or not. The ice doesn’t just disappear once you find the snow outside the school gate! Look at snow, enjoy its beauty, but be careful. Everyone.