My Bucket List

I don’t know what it has been that has triggered me to do this (possibly reading about the death of the original bucket list author, Alice Pyne, God rest Her soul), but here goes…

1. Have the nerve to do an abseil to raise money for St Pauls Hostel.
2. Go to The Vatican again
3. Get Bonzo and Friends published
4. Meet Georg Ganswein
5.Learn to scuba dive
6. Go to Iona (going in July/August 2013)
7. Go to Jerusalem
8. Go to austria
9. Go to holy Island at Lindisfarne (Done it!)
10. Go on Northern Cross

If you don’t know, Northern Cross is a pilgrimage ending up on Holy Island at Lindisfarne for the Easter Weekend. People walk legs of the route to ultimately get to the island. It was originally Student Cross, and my friend’s parents were involved in the original idea, and its development over the years. My friend is running one of the legs this year, and is involved in some capacity every year.