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Malala Yousafzai

Like many people, I’m sure, this story just made me plain angry, but the selfishness of the some of the actions of the Taliban often have. Everyone has a right ot learn, whether they are male or female. Malala is a symbol of empowerment, as at her young age, and being a girl, she managed to scare the patriachal Taliban so much that they shot her. They are scared by her, and given the ridiculousness of some of their actions, I think they have reason to be. Such actions prove this. Shooting a teenage girl just for going to school….it shows her strength in the face of so much opposition. When she was shot there were crowds on the streets opposing the Taliban. Women and men were there. Everyone has been appalled by this case. I hope and pray that the staff at the QE hospital in Birmingham will be able to bring her back to health.

I’ve added to my Blogroll. This is Gordon Brown’s site, supporting the world’s campaign for education for girls who are denied it. It uses Malala’s case as the prime example, and invites people to sign a global peition to ask the UN to take action. Brown is now the UN Envoy for Global Education. I would encourage everyone to check this out and to sign up to it, to support this campaign. Using a child’s education as a political weapon (by taking it away, otherwise you get shot, before anyone says anything about our current goverment and education) is beyond the pail. It leaves a bitter taste of biilious fury in me.

Felix Baumgartner

I’d like to say that Baumgartner’s cute, but as a Craigophile, he’s not as lovely as DWC! I’m sorry! I watched the pictures of this jump from space on the news bulletins, with my heart in my mouth. He is a person who will divide opinion. He’s either very brave or very foolhardy. I’m not entirely sure what it proved, but the images of the jump in progress were amazing, and especially when he went into a spin, really scary.

Jimmy Saville

I am a child of the 80s. Each Saturday evening, me, mum and dad would visit my paternal grandfather (God rest his soul; he died in 1993). Jim’ll Fix it was my favourite programme and I would wait impatiently for the football scores to finish so it would start. I could sing the theme tune word for word! Me and my friends would think of things we could write in about that could be fixed for us, or our parents! One young clarinetist got to play with Emma Johnson, who is a well known soloist on the instrument. I was envious, but I didn’t have any more confidence then than I do now, so I guess I felt I wasn’t good enough.

This viewing was the highlight of my week. The events of the last few weeks are things that despite all the programmes I see, I have still not got straight in my head. There was disbelief to begin with; his amazing charity work scoring highly with someone like me, but now it is just shock and a certain amount of anger, particularly as his philanthropy served to cover up a lot of his behaviour. Charity work and fundraising should be done out of a desire to help, not to serve your own ends. it’s taken me several weeks to get to a point where I felt I could put this into words suitable for posting. At Christmas last year I watched the Jim’ll Fix it programme presented by Shane Richie, and the rest of the tributes now appearing to be the programming that would’ve had to be rearranged if the Newsnight report had been run. I loved it all, and as someone whose charity work forms a very important part of her life, I admired him for what he did. It is true that joe public didn’t know the truth; those of us who were born from 1980 onwards, as Paul Gambaccini pointed out on the Panorama special last night, but I cannot help feeling shellshocked by what has happened and has been revealed.  For those who have spoken out because you suffered at his hands, you have been brave to do so, as the image of a man who knew that while he was alive he was seemingly above reproach, is the one that is now appearing. It sticks in my throat, and is very difficult to come to terms with.

I’m back…finally…

It’s half term, I’ve got a cold (typical), and it’s been a challenging few weeks. We will then go back to school next week to begin an eight week stretch to Christmas. There’s lots to comment on, but some of it is stuff that I still haven’t got my head around, so i haven’t been confident enough to blog till now. Oh well…here goes…