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Okay…let’s think about this..

I have a disabled friend, so I am more than aware of what she’s going through. I have a father who works in a jobcentre, where his work is both challenging, rewarding and frustrating in equal measure, for a whole host of reasons, very much like mine, I would think! Got to be careful there; don’t want to get him into any trouble! I think politicians spend more time slagging each other off than they do doing anything useful. However, i asked my mother last night what she thought about all of this. She said” I might’ve felt like booing him, but I wouldn’t have actually done it”. I agree. I often feel frustrated at the “i can’t be bothered” attitude of some of our learners, but if I decided to express that in any other way apart from talking to them, ie, aggressive physical contact, I would be out of a job. Sometimes you have to think about how you respond to things.Some people might agree with me, as people did in the Metro newspaper the other day. Others might think I’m as bad as Osbourne (look I have never admitted to being a perfect human being, far from it, but give me some credit please). whatever you think, it still makes us look bad as a country, IMHO.

Back at School

Teacher training day today. Years 7, 12 & 13 are in tomorrow, and the rest of the school on Thursday. I have met some of the new year 7s already, but its always nice to see them on the first day. The smartness of their uniforms won’t last, I know! We had a full mass with all the staff today to start the term, and although I’m not Catholic, I still enjoyed it, and thought it was a really lovely way to start the new term. Onwards and upwards…

Come on Britain! Grow up a bit!

Okay so politicians annoy everyone. What else is new? I think they’re a waste of time and space too! What is silly is that medal ceremonies at the athletics arena are turning into pantomimes! Apparently Cameron did get booed at the swimming but It certainly wasn’t during Ellie’s medal ceremony!. There was George of course, and then tonight there was Theresa May! Backbenchers and local politics have been represented but no one got booed there! You can see the relief on the faces of some of the presenters when they either get a cheer, or get ignored completely! I really think that NO MATTER what you may think of politicians, the British are better than this. I really do. Cheer on all the athletes. That’s what this is about. Leave the politics alone.

Greenbelt 2012 – part 2

Okay! So what did we manage to see in the time we were there? We went to a mass, involving a west country church called Blessed, and then went to hear a talk by John Bell of the Iona Community. I always try to get to his talks at Greenbelt if I possibly can. If I can’t I buy them as mp3 recordings afterwards. We also did a Gospel Procession with a group called Transcendance, which was nice, but it was raining a lot by then. That was Friday evening. On Saturday Morning we had a shower (shouts outs to YMCA for running those) and then went to a panel discussion titled “What happens when we pray?”, featuring Rev. Lucy Winkett and Rev. Richard Coles. He used to be in the Communards with Jimmy Somerville, for those old enough to remember! That was very interesting, although, of course, it raised more questions than it answered. That was inevitable, but it was really good, and the Big Top was packed for it. After that we went to hear a talk about Palestine, and the effects of the presence of Israel, by Mary Grey. She’s an academic, and Mum bought a book by her and Dan Cohn-Sherbok called “Pursuing The Dream: A Jewish – Christian Conversation”. Neither if us have read it yet, but I’ll blog about it when one of us has!. We had lunch, and then went to sing some songs from Taize, which is a community in France. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the music and the peace that it generates. It was during that, that the weather really set in, and when we finally got back to our tent, we found carnage. There was much more we would’ve done, but with wet bedding, we decided to go home. We’ll be back next year though. Start praying about the weather now, I reckon!

George Osbourne getting booed presenting medals

I know he’s not popular, but if George got booed, was the only reason why David Cameron didn’t get booed at the swimming, was because he was presenting Ellie Simmonds with her gold, and everyone was on a high? Seems odd that one got booed and the other didn’t! If the problem is the financial crisis then surely both of them are culpable? Also that reaction of the crowd is going to overshadow all the achievements of the athletes in tomorrow’s papers, more so than the Iranian athlete refusing to shake hands with the Duchess of Cambridge for cultural reasons. Unfortunately, if it was a wrong reaction, then about 80,000 people were involved. I really don’t know what I think about that. I do know that Osbourne is not popular, for some understandable reasons, but my gut feeling is that this reaction was not right. The Olympics and Paralympics are supposed to be outside politics. This reaction didn’t back up the ethos of fair play (which the crowd has been so fantastic at doing, supporting those who are far behind fields but keep going, for example) at all.