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Greenbelt 2012

We got flooded out! The volunteers who helped us were FANTASTIC, and what we did manage to go to, despite the weather, was brilliant! I will post more detail tomorrow, but we just got friday and saturday there, and then had to come home because our bedding was wet! We were disappointed, but we knew the weather forecast, and we know what the weather in this country is like! if you go camping, you take the risks!

Pics of Prince Harry

it is naive to say that Harry was naive in trusting that people wouldn’t try to profit from his presence. I have no idea whatit’s like to live his life. I think it would send me mad. It’s very easy to say that the best thing to do is to not trust anyone, but considering that it was someone taking pics on a mobile, at a private party, that got him into trouble with the costume with swastikas, and now this, you would possibly think that he would understand that anyone he meets anywhere could potentially try to profit from having pics of him. it is horrible to think of something like that, and to try and imagine what it would be like, to be able to trust, confide or relax with anyone outside of your family, but we know it is true.

Why I love creativity and being creative

I make cards and jewellery. I do scrapbooking. I love baking. I just love creating things. I admire people who are artisitic. My friend has a fine art background. I would love to be able to draw. Yes I can design greetings cards without necessarily having the guidance that often gets supplied with kits, like ideas sheets, but I cannot draw to save my life! I also love what I can do, for others. I sell the baking, cards and jewellery at church. I give things to people as presents. There is kindness in this world, and love, compassion and care. it’s just that we don’t hear about it.

Australia, the Olympics and the media back home

It seems that in Australia, the media are really criticising their olympic athletes. Even people who won silver medals are being criticised. I know that the British media are capable of being incredibly evil at times, but no one got slagged off for winning silvers and bronzes. People seemed happy to get medals, particularly as the host nation. Okay, so Australia are not cleaning up as they have done, or indeed as they can do at the Commonwealth Games for example (no USA or China). However, I really don’t think that criticising people helps. If an athlete doesn’t achieve what they expect to, then they will probably put themselves under a mental beating. They don’t need the media to do it for them.

New Tricks

Great! New Series! Brian just said, in reference to understanding a crime scene “You can’t physically see the bag of sugar from the first floor of the coffee jar”. Watch the episode on recall. I just love it. Random. Genius.

London 2012: Olympic Success

I saw a lot of the Olympics while I was on holiday. I remember months ago, a kid at school saying to me that he just wasn’t excited about the Olympics at all. At the time, I agreed with him, although I did say that I was sure I’d get interested once it started! I was right! I thought it was really good, but the best thing about the Olympics, is seeing all the different countries, and of course, all the different sports! I got to see rhythm gymnastics which was great, cos I never get to see it! The archery competition was really good too! We also saw taekwondo, and women’s boxing. I don’t approve of boxing, as I feel too many people have been fatally injured as a result. However, I was really pleased to see that women who want to box have the chance to do this in an Olympic arena! Nicola Adams and Katie Taylor won golds for GB and Ireland. I just enjoyed everything! Oh yeah, and I admit I discovered the joy of Chris Hoy’s majestic thighs, which is very bad I know, but I don’t care! 😀 One thing I will say as a blogger is that people have the right to express their thoughts and opinions, but I am always censoring myself and checking what I write. I think Tom Daley did so well to win his bronze medal considering what he’s been through, but maybe the person on Twitter should#ve thought before they typed? I have to do that all the time. I might start to write something. Often it’s “stream of consciousness” stuff. That’s when I often cancel what I’ve been writing, because I don’t think I should publish it. I don’t see the point of writing something if I just publish it privately. I’ve taken to making lists of things i want to blog about these days, as I end up building up several items and then write boaut them all at once! Think before you publish!

Going on holiday

The day after my birthday we went to Lyme Regis on the South Coast, for two weeks. I have never been on a two week holiday before, not even when we’ve been to Italy! Okay so sometimes it rained and sometimes it was so sunny I got burned on my back, even when I had put suncream on! We’ve been there so many times, you would’ve thought we’d’ve been bored but it was great! It’s like a second home! We went to Exeter and Dorchester on the bus, both places we hadn’t been to since we first went to Lyme in 1992, because we had problems parking! Exeter is really cool! Dorchester has a Teddy Bear Museum whiich brilliant! It had great teddy bears, including Stieff, but it also had a furnished dolls house, which was incredible! I don’t remember Exeter Cathedral, and I thought it was beautiful. I wish I’d done the brass rubbing whicn was going on though! We were in lyme during carnival and regatta week, so we entered a family quiz and came third with a father and two children team. I can also recommend two bands we heard in free gigs; Mary Land and Delta Tango Seven.

My birthday

On august 3rd I was 32! I had a lovely day, including a meal out with my friends! I had lovely presents, and 3 birthday cakes! Yes I said 3! They were all lovely, and I welcomed Henrietta the Hippo, Pansy the sheep and Daisy-Rose the teddy Bear to my massive cuddly family! Before my birthday, my and some friends went to West Midlands Safari Park, where I bought Prudence Evelyn the white lion, for my mum! I love going there!

Happy Birthday Monsignor Georg!

Monsignor Georg Ganswein was 56 on Monday! Many happy returns to him! I know it’s cliched but he really is like a fine wine; he has definitely got better as he has aged! 😀 Notice he didn’t get much time to celebrate as the following day he was at the Pope’s side as always! However, my mum turned 56 in March and she says if Georg is anything like her he will have been counting backwards for years! D’oh! She always says that! lol