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St Paul’s Hostel, Worcester Big Sleep Out 2012

Me and my friend will be doing this event on 21-22nf July 2012, sleeping outside to raise money for St Paul’s and their valuable work fo the homeless in Worcestershire. If you would like to sponsor us, I’ve set up a page. The Address in I’ll put it in my Blogroll too! Thank you!

gay marriage, the Church and me…

i had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach this morning…and it was nothing to do with going to work, for once! I Love my church, and the community that exists there, but today’s comments from the Church of England on gay marriage have put me in a horrible position, because I disagree with their standpoint entirely. I will now have to consider what I want to do, which is very scary 🙁

PS: I work in a Catholic School, but I am not Catholic. My personal views are that. personal. I make sure that whatever I tell the kids at school stays in line with the tenets of the Catholic church. however, I myself have no issues with gay people, never have, and never will.

Georg Ganswein, the Roman Catholic Church…and some ambitious but scared men…

I knew this was all to do with people in the Catholic Church, who are more senior that Georg (he is so respectful to his seniors. He bows to everyone senior, not just the Holy Father), being threatened by his closeness to the Pope. maybe they should all learn German. Then the Pope wouldn’t have been looking for someone for his staff who was a German speaker! Even in the Church, and when talking about men who would have already retired in any other sphere of life, there is still ambition and jealousy. No wonder people find the Church a great source of amusement. People who are supposed to be so pious can still try to discredit someone on the basis of their success. Very sad indeed. Just leave Georg alone, and get a life. Some cardinals are apparently preparing, jostling for position, in terms of the next conclave. Pope Benedict isn’t actually dead, in case they hadn’t noticed. His health may not be great, but he is still breathing, walking around, and is understanding what is happening!

Service of Thanksgiving at St Paul’s Cathedral

The servgice is just ending. It’s been interesting to see junior members of the Royal Family and to try to identify them! Wikipedia has been useful, even though it can’t necessarily be relied upon. Don’t discount anything to help you to find information though. It can still play its part. Sad to see the Queen processing in behind everyone, alone. It really emphasised the absence of the Duke of Edinburgh. I know the Prince of Wales will be accompanying her for the rest of the day, but couldn’t Camilla have walked in with Harry so Charles could walk in with his mother? She’s walking out on the own now, and this will overshadow everything in the press tomorrow, I reckon. Not the incrfedible turnout and showing of public affection, but the absence of her husband. I really think that could’ve been thought out better, as they did have some notice. We knew last night that the Duke would still be in hospital. She will now go to the Mansion House with the Lord Mayor for a short reception with members of the City of London Corporation, and then on to the Palace of Westminster with the Livery Companies, for lunch. She will then travel back to Buck House in a carriage procession, for the appearance on the balcony, and the flypast. I hope we get the flypast this time, as they had to cancel the one due on Sunday at the end of the regatta, due to the weather. Fingers crossed!

Peter Kay….dressed like the Yeoman of the Guard! Then finally….Macca!

What on earth? Roller cola and tinternet makes it to Buck House, and then makes everyone dance to We are Family! Jokes about Beefeaters and Q standing for Quorn, as he introduced Sir Paul McCartney (well known veggie, hence things mentioning beef not being allowed…etc…arf arff…I’m a veggie so I’ll just tolerate this, and rise above it!). Roll up for the Magical Mystery Tour! Tomorrow I’ll mss You! Let it Be! Live and Let Die! Loving James Bond! Oh blad Dee Oh Blad Da! Two Bond themes tonight, cos Shirley Bassey sang Diamonds Are Forever! Princess Anne seeming to be singing along to everything, which is very cool! I’m impressed, Ma’am! Macca’s supposed to be the last act, but I suspect that will be the Queen herself, as she has to light the last of many national beacons being lit all over the country! There are a couple being lit near here, but I reckon we’ve had the best seats for this gig! Totally! Awesome!

Add; End act was Prince Charles saying “Your Majesty…Mummy” again like he did ten years ago! Big Cheers for the Duke of Edinburgh, who is in hospital! LIz’s tune with full fanfare! Don’t think there had been a prior warning of the third verse being sung! The beacon has been lit, by the Queen putting a cool looking faceted diamond shaped thing into a slot! It wasn’t diamond obviously but it looked cool! Fireworks and Handel’s Zadoc the Priest! Jupiter (I vow to thee my country) from Holst’s Planets! Pomp and Circumstance March No 1 (Land of Hope and Glory) by Edward Elgar! I blogged about this entire programme! I’ll say it before anyone else does! You sad Freak!

Madness on the Roof of Buck House

Coolio! Cool beans! Our House sung on the top of Buck House! I don’t think you can get much cooler! Briam May doing a guitar riff National Anthem, obviously, but that is on a par with this! Awesome! It must be Love, love, Love! don’t do too much funny walking around dancing though, lads! Long way to fall!

Okay…what was that about?

Look Steve Wonder is AWESOME! He is a Legend! But so is the one and only Rolf Harris! You can’t do an Adele past him! You can’t really do an Adele (James Cordon cutting her speech short, if you recall) to Adele, but you know what I mean! Grrr! Rolf You rock! Isn’t She Lovely was pretty cool, though, and the birthday song to Martin Luther King! Happy birthday to Ya! Happy Birthday! Don’t entirely know why that was sung, but it’s still a good song!

Elton John!

Bright pink jacket and glasses, and everything else is black, so that’s conservative (with a small C) for him! I’m still standing – great song, followed by Your Song, which I don’t know as well, but I got eventually! I was like that with some of Cliff’s! I was ok once I heard the chorus! Crocodile Rock, however, I did know! Btw, Rob Brydon is still there, but I bet he got a dirty look from the Royal box about his Jeremy Hunt deleting texts jibe! Dave n SamCam are in the Royal Box! Getting down with the Windsor Possy, with Big ‘Harry stashing the six packs under his seat! Ha Ha! Why is it always him? I reckon Mike Tindall would be in there too! The Archbishop of Canterbury’s there too!

Add: Tail Coat! I’m sorry! Kate is finding Wills’ singing v v funny, we think!

Wow! Renee and Alfie!

They’re singing Tonight from West Side Story! alfie Boe is thinking “I used to be a mechanic. Now I’m singing at buck house with Renee Fleming! Just exactly how jammy am I?” Either that or he’s thinking that he must be in a some other plain of existence that cannot be reality. Whatever, he’s doing brilliantly, and we’re jammy getting to hear it!

Sing (jubilee song) and Rob Brydon not thinking properly!

i watched the programme last night, about Gary Barlow’s trip around the commonwealth, for this special song written for the Jubilee. We’re hearing its premiere now, and although all the individual sources sounded great on the programme, it must demonstrate the talent and musical understanding and sensitivity of Lord Lloyd Webber who with Gary B came up with the basic melody, but also Gary himself, and his incredible talent, as he had to find places to fit all of these amazing musicians! Fantastic!

Well done for the forward moving mexican wave from the back of the crowd down the mall to the palace! Rob Brydon, if yhou weren’t going to pay proper attention to it, then why did you say anything about doing it? You should’ve known people would want to do that! Doh!

Add: Kylie now on stage – Spinning Around and Can’t Get You Outta My Head so far. We need I should be So Lucky – the song I loved when I was five, and strangely, athough I hated being a child, it has lost none of its charm. We’ll have the Locomation too, if pos!