Monthly Archives: May 2012

Chelsea Flower Show 2012

Joe Swift got a gold medal with his first chelsea show garden, and Alan titchmarsh did a piece to camera whilst petting a corgi that was made of flowers! A lady did a garden inspired by the DMZ between North and South Korea, which managed to be moving and uplifing at the same time! She got a gold too which I’m very pleased about! Mum always wanted to go to this, but when she was working, it was in term time (She was an English and Drama teacher) and now she is too ill to have the stamina to get round any of the RHS shows any more. We used to go to Gardeners World Live and to RHS Tatton Park, but there’s no point now, sadly. Mum would get too tired too soon, I think.

Year 13 go on study leave

This is the time of year when we say goodbye to learners, and today it was the second year of A level learners that left. A group of girls left me near tears when they gave me a card and some chocolates to say thank you for my help. I know working in education is a challenge but there are some occasions when it is definitely worthwhile! I wish them all possible luck in the world, and hope they go out into the world and grasp every chance with both hands and run with it! God bless them!

Church plant fair

We just raised £903! Cannot believe it! I didn’t go to work yesterday because I have a stinking cold which was playing havoc with my temperature. I managed to get through this event by sitting down all the time and staying away from the foodstuffs! I’m tired now, but raising that much, and having the amazing community spirit from so many people who don’t come regularly to the church, was so amazing, and so wonderful! Now i just need to sleep…well, blow my nose, and then sleep!

Bingo websites

I have noticed over months and months, that a new one of these sites pops up all the time! I used to work in a bingo club, and the manager used to say that he thought that luxury bingo clubs was the business to be in, cos more and more young people wanted to go to them, for a complete package for a night out. I wonder if that’s still the case now! More young people saying at home, playing online instead perhaps? Also, a friend of mine got into trouble with the police, as a result of becoming addicted to gambling. There are so many websites advertised on television, and there are just too many of them. All of the adverts have the message “Gamble responsibly” and advertise the website, but surely by having so many sites, it is just adding to the temptation that is out there all the time, both online and on the television through the advertising. Knowing what problems gambling can potentially cause and the damage it can create in people’s lives, I really do wonder why. There may be a gap in the market for more as these sites are obviously popular, but I think it’s overloaded and it’s time to stop creating new ones. Enough already!

Where has the time gone?

Last week my colleague told me it was a year since she returned to work at my school. Last night my friend who is pregnant, said she has two weeks left at work, and 6 weeks left till she is due to give birth! WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?! Our year 13s and 14s (2nd year of A Levels, and those who stayed on another year to retake) go on study leave for their exams on 23rd May! Doesn’t seem five minutes since this academic year started! Everything’s going very quickly!

Okay, I’m annoyed now…

Just looked at Caro’s website for the first time and found out she came to Symphony Hall in Birmingham in March, and I didn’t know! *Roars with annoyance*. Oh Well. Can’t get there and back from Hampton Court Palace if she doesn’t sing till 9pm, so that’s out. Never mind, fingers crossed she’ll be back! Btw check out my blogroll. Caro’s website is now in the list!

Caro Emerald

Just a quick blog to say please please please (times a million) check out this girl’s album. it’s called Deleted Scenes from The Cutting Room Floor. She’s from the Netherlands, and is a swing/jazz/blues singer. I first saw her on Jools Holland’s Hootenanny this new year just gone, and then found her album quite by accident when I was looking for somthing else in the supermarket. She is absolutely brilliant. Definitely check out her music and check out her website,