I know it’s God’s way of making sure all the plants keep growing, but does every Bank Holiday have to be so depressingly grey and wet? It happens every time! I apologise to anyone from abroad who finds that this confirms that the British are just obsessed with the weather, but I guess we are! Dad goes back to work tomorrow so it would’ve been nice to do soemthing as a family! Oh well, I’ll have to try and persuade them to go out for lunch or dinner I suppose! I love standing outside briefly, feeling the cool, cool water tapping softly or beating down on my face, but after a few minutes I want to be back inside! I don’t want to be walking round in it all day getting wetter and wetter! For someone who camps at Greenbelt every year, rain is always a danger, and last year when it chucked it down on the Friday night, I wasn’t much more impressed then either! Luckily it was just showery for the rest of the weekend, so I was glad about that!