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Holy Week

I gave up crisps for Lent, but I started off by missing the ashing service on Ash wednesday because of delays on public transport. This service involves the imposition of ashes. The priest makes the sign of the cross on your forehead in ash made from last year’s Palm Sunday crosses that have been burned. They say “Remember that you are dust. From dust you shall return. Turn away from sin and be faithful to Christ”. I love this service, but there was nothing I could do. I have managed not to eat crisps at all since my lunch on Ash Wednesday, so I’m pleased, but come Easter Sunday, I will buy the biggest bag of crisps I can find and will scoff the whole lot!!

Holy week is always a busy time, but it should still be a contemplative time, allowing believers to come closer to God through the ressurection of His greatest gift to us; His son. I know I’ve got a children’s service on Holy Saturday that I’m involved in, and then a puppet show during the Easter morning holy communion service. Very often though, if you do things in services, you can fall foul of concentrating too much on the responsibilities and lose sight of the figure of Jesus at the centre of this.

End of term

We had panicking 6th formers who suddently realised that what we’d been saying for the past 6 weeks was true! Their work was due in today! For some of them it only seemed to kick in yesterday, so by today, the rollercoaster of panic, oblivion and terror was in full swing! To give them their due, however, as far as I am aware, they all got the work finished and handed in. I hope they will learn from this experience, but I also know that my hope will be in vain! Now we are on holiday, although I will go in at some point, as I’ve always got books to put on the shelves and it is so much easier to do when the only person you need to worry about in terms of health and safety is yourself!

Not sure I wanted to be right about this…

…but I wish all the best to the future Mr and Mrs David Mitchell none the less. I really do hope they’ll be very happy, but the gossip around the two of them was buzzing around the internet for ages before David revealed that he was seeing someone, and most people assumed it was Victoria, which it was! I hope now that all the jokes surrounding David’s singleness and lack of action will be shelved completely! He used this during an edition of HAve I Got News for You? that he presented some months ago, but seemed to be at pains to quell the audience’s sympathies when they went “Ahhh” when he said he had a lot of experience of buying meals for one…Time to get rid of those japes me thinks…


Okay, so I’ve admitted my problems with maths on here before. What I can do is simple, and what I can do takes me a lot of effort to do. Carol Vorderman (GRRRRRRRRRRRR!) again appearing in the public sphere to make me feel like an idiot. I talk about my lack of ability. That does not mean for a second that I would rather it was otherwise. I do occasionally surprise myself, as I work in a school, but it doesn’t happen as much as I would like, but that’s the way it is. I annoyed my parents so much with maths as a child. I wish I could turn the clock back and be a maths whiz, but instead I turned out to be an Arts and Humanities orientated person instead. I didn’t give up on Maths and Science. I tried. By the time I got to high school, however, I already knew that these were not my subjects. What is the point of trying to study something you know you can’t do? My chemistry teacher left my father in no shadow of a doubt, one parents evening in my GCSE year, that I was pretty much a waste of his time. You get to a point in life where you have tried and tried and tried, and you then realise that you are flogging a dead horse! Miss Vorderman and all those on the news this week have not acheived what they wanted; to embarrass people into to doing something about it. You’ve just ensured that a lot more people who struggle with maths feel even more daft than they already do, and I for one don’t need help to do that. It happens all the time. I will always encourage learners to keep going and keep trying, especially if it is a core subject like Maths! I took GCSE three times. D, then F and E. After that, I accepted my lot. Now, Just leave me alone and quit defecating on my confidence! Please!

World Book Day 2012

I always seem to wish I’d been better organised for this event! The english department are always more with it, with activities planned in lessons! I had competitions in my LRC, and asked people what their favourite book ever was and why! I’ll use the responses for a display hopefully. There were some specially published books available this year, as there always is. There isn’t always a new story from Jacqueline Wilson, as there was this time! If your kids have got the special vouchers then get out and use them cos the special WBD books are free with those!