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Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy (thurs, 10pm, E4)

I love the Mighty Boosh! Not many people got it. I think it’s brilliant. I’ve been watching Noel Fielding’s first solo outing. Well, not really. He’s got the whole cast from MB except Julian Barratt (Howard). It feels like Boosh, and sometimes it’s even more random than Boosh. Where I knew I loved Boosh Straightaway, with Luxury Comedy, there’s bits that I find funny. The Jury is still out as to whether I would buy the series on DVD or not. I do like tutting mountains (three of them making a “do-bee-do” tutting song!) and a guitar-playing Chocolate finger is cool. I quite like Fantasy Man too!


Tuesday and Wednesday this week brings Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday. It brings in the start of the most relective time for a Christian. The Orthodox church marks Lent and Easter at a different time to us as they follow the Julian calendar, but the western Christian church will be entering Lent. Many people fast or give up something they like. I should give up chocolate but I admit that I am not strong enough for that! However, I also love crisps! I love love love crisps! So, like I did last year, I’ll be giving them up. It’s a time to think about our relationship with God, and to think baout our learning about our faith and about scripture. I do read my Bible and I do take instruction from it, although the Anglican church does not necessarily subscribe to the idea that the Bible is the literal word of God. It is still instructive, guiding and comforting to read.

Adele @ Grammys and singing live again!!!!

I’m not surprised that this amazing woman (with her amazing voice) won 6 Grammys. What was great was to see her singing live again after her throat surgery. Wonderful! I know she wants to take a few years off, and that’s fine, but obviously if I could get to see her live that would be incredible. I saw the concert from the Albert Hall that was broadcast over Christmas. That was brilliant and I still love watching it. I’m sure being there in person would be unforgettable. We will see…

RIP Whitney Houston

I know its taken me too long to start posting about this, but this was a woman with an INCREDIBLE voice. I know the substance abuse took its toll but as with the late Amy Winehouse, there is still so much music, amazing, beautiful music, that can enable us to remember the good times, when such breath-taking talent could and did roar like a lion. Whitney, you gave us so much and you will always be remembered. Thank you for the music and thank God for your talent. Amen.

Half term…

I broke up for half term yesterday. I feel so tired, so I, like a lot of my colleagues, having been through an OFSTED inspection, am glad to have a week off. However, because we are a faith school, we have the inspection from the faith body responsible for the running of the school, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Birmingham in our case, which goes hand-in-hand with the OFSTED inspection, starting literally the day we get back after the holiday. GULP! I’m gonna put that out of my head, and concentrate on having a rest!

Black Country Foodbank

This is a project that isn’t linked to the Trussell Trust, but I would think it has taken its inspiration from it, as i think most foodbanks have (if I’m wrong, I apologise!). My dad’s office and my school donate to this, and my church and other churches in the Team Ministry are hoping to be able to support this by being a supporter centre. Donations bought to us are then taken to a another centre in the town before being collected by BCF for distribution to those that are in need. If you live in the Black country, check out the link on the Blog roll on the right hand side of my blog for more info on where to take donations.

Prayer of St Ignatius Loyola

Dearest Lord,
teach me to be generous;
teach me to serve You as You deserve;
to give and not to count the cost,
to fight and not to heed the wounds,
to toil and not to seek for rest,
to labour and not to ask for reward
save that of knowing I am doing Your Will.


The role of my faith in my life concentrates on Faith in Action, which I think is a better path to take than ramming faith down the throats of those who don’t want it. However, prayer is important to me as a communication with God. This is a beautiful prayer to meditate on, and I felt compelled to post it on here. I feel, as a Christian, that our main challenge is to keep the peace and Love of Christ at the centre of our lives. I hold my hands up and admit that with everything else going on in life, I do have to work at this and I do struggle with it.