Monthly Archives: January 2012

What’s happening…

My school has had an OFSTED inspection and we are now waiting for the lead inspector’s report to be published. My mum is really suffering with her fibromialgia and is in pain all over her body right now. At church, we are having a Team Ministry Homeslessness Awareness Week, starting on 29th January. I’ve been thinking about this, and I also think that the issue of Poverty and the role of Foodbanks is crucial, particularly in my town. People can have jobs and homes, but having paid their bills, then don’t have enough money for food, and that is where foodbanks come in. I’ve added a link to the website for The Trussell Trust on the Blogroll. The Trussell Trust is a charity that was instrumental in getting the foodbank concept up and running in Britain. Take a look to see where your nearest foodbank is, because increasingly people across the country, with the current economic climate, are seeking help from them.

Island Parish

This is a new series, on BBC 2, and they’re back on Barra, with Father John Paul. Scraggy Aggy, an elderly parishioner who always speaks her mind, is vocal in her opinion that RC priests should be allowed to marry. Father JP feels that if priests could marry their heart would be divided between family and parish. I have to say though that C of E vicars seem to get on ok, but then maybe in the eyes of others, maybe they don’t! He also told Scraggy Aggy “No one would have me”. I know I work in a Catholic School, but I’m not Catholic, so I’m going to say this: I think Father JP is cute, and I would definitely be his wife! Lol! 🙂

SCD Christmas Special

Why say that the class of 2011 were there, when some were obviously missing, including Rory? It wwas a good programme, but although I thought RB would be with his family, I was filled with a bit of hope when they said that! And then he wasn’t there! Poo! 🙁

New year…

I’m not using the word resolution, cos nine times out of ten they fail, as i’ve said. I have, however, made a list of things to do. this includes writing to my sponsor child in Armenia more often, and posting on here at least once a week! There! I’ve said it! Now when it doesn’t happen, you can all post saying “Ha! Ha! You can’t even manage that!”.

I hope for positivity, love and compassion for the world. I am looking forward to the Olympics and the Queen’s Diamond jubilee…but i am going to be watching everything on telly as opposed to being there. The Olympics especially is going to to make London crazy, and I think it’s crazy enough! 🙂