Monthly Archives: October 2011

Rory Bremner is already a sex god!

The man is 50 and has a body fit enough to get away with one of those latin shirts, open down to the waist! I don’t think there’s many men of that age who could do that! Some could obviously, but I don’t think it would be that common! I am obviously annoyed he was voted off Strictly Come Dancing on Sunday, as I think Anton and Nancy were worse (but no one will win when up against Anton’s fans). However, it was obvious Rory wasn’t comfortable. Having the body to carry off a sexy costume, does not necessarily automatically provide the confidence and mindset to do a sexy dance. SCD will be the poorer without him. He might be 19 years older than me, but I do think he was the best looking bloke on the show this time (Harry Judd from McFly is quite cute, but Rory was much nicer!). I loved his ballroom dances. The Broadway quick step was excellent! If the Latin dances just relied on carrying off the costume, he would still be there! Pity cos I’d’ve given 10s for the shirt and the chest! 🙂

Artichoke Hearts by Sita Bramachari

This book was on the Booked up list this year, which is the government initiative offering free books to all year 7 learners. I read it a night or two ago. It is Bramachari’s first novel, and Jasmine Skies, the follow-up, is published in April 2012. Of Artichoke Hearts, I will say this in words of one syllable. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK! It is incredible! It deals with difficult themes (Mira, the main character, is dealing with the fact that her beloved Nana Josie is dying of cancer), but along side this, it deals with issues that many teenagers deal with, including developing relationships with the opposite sex. I highly recommend this book, for adults and children alike!

How did the quiz go?

Very well! We had 40 people there, so 11 teams (not all of them had four people in them), and we wouldn’t’ve got another table in there! The fish and chip supper (just chips for me and mum cos we are veggies) was excellent, and we raised £200 from everything, including the raffle. One of the ladies at church had got a voucher from the pub down the road for money off meals, so the winning team had that. I was really pleased and relieved. We are considering two quizzes a year, in September and March. I don’t wnat to overegg the pudding. Do too much for the same thing and people get bored. I think the only way the coffee mornings every month work, is because of the car wash. I certainly get my car washed every time, and many others do to!