Monthly Archives: September 2011

Quiz at church tomorrow night…

I organised it! I wrote the questions! and now….you guessed it….I’M BRICKIN’ IT! AHHHHHH! It’ll be fine, I know, but I’m still pooing my pants! If it’s something I do, something will go wrong! On sunday most likely I’ll blog and say it was fine, but if I start out expecting the worst then often it doesn’t happen!

9/11: 10 years on…

“Lord, allow us all to live together in peace, in calmness, in kindness, in compassion and in harmony with one another, no matter what. Let us leave all hatred and anger at the door. Help us to see how we can support each other in the challenging experience that is life. Amen”.

The year 7s are finding their feet….already…

Some of the new year 7s, are understandably scared and apprehensive about being in a new school that is much bigger than the one they were previously in. However, there are those who think that they can do what they want because it’s “Big” school, and they’re getting a shock cos we probably have a lot more rules than they had in their last school, and one or two already have the sort of attitude you would expect to see in year 8 or year 9 when they’ve got their feet under the table. Not after four days! Very worrying! However, there are some who are gorgeous, and I really hope they stay that way as they progress through the school. I hope some of them keep the same conscientious attitude to their work too. That would be wonderful! 🙂

My blog doesn’t do what it says on the tin, does it?

I’ve been thinking about my blog title, “Getting away from the World”. My blog does a lot of things but seems to stay firmly rooted in the world and what is happening around us. Therefore it doesn’t actually get away from the world, does it? The title used to be about witterings and mutterings, which suited me much better, as I comment on things I see and hear, and generally talk a load of rubbish, most of the time! At least I think I do! I did have to change the title though, and I’m not doing that again, so even if it doesn’t make sense, the title is staying how it is. Sorry! 🙂

Maggs Day Centre and Night Assessment Centre, Worcester

I found out about this on my visit to St Paul’s Hostel on my birthday. I’ve added their website to the links list on the right hand side of my blog. Really check out the four projects they do; as well as the two centres I’ve mentioned, they have a clothing collection project and an outreach service. The Night Assessment Centre opened earlier than intended last year because of the cold, so obviously they had to find more money because they’d already budgeted to be open for a certain about of time. I’m definitely going to try to see if its possible to help these guys too, with collections of food and other items they use a lot of, and well as money.