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Last series of Ace of Cakes……!

How like what much? They cannot do this to me! I LOVE THAT PROGRAMME! I’m a cake maker anyway, but I love the people too, so I will really miss that show. I know the Food channel will probably keep re-running the different series, but even so…sniff! *dabs eyes with imaginary tissue*

Well! Would you Adam n Eve It!

Both Williams sisters! Beaten! OMG! Didn’t see the matches, but did see Federer win and Jo-Wilfred Tsonga. (my mum wanted to know why he had a plain white towel instead of the purple and green ones the blokes normally have. We found out he did but he uses the white one in the match and then throws the special towels into the crowd after the match! hopefully my mum will be happy with that system!!!) They’ll now meet each other in the next round. I really like doubles so I’m looking forward to later in the week (weather permitting) so I can see some doubles on the red button. I used to go to Davis Cup ties regularly (back in the day) and the Saturday was doubles day and was always more entertaining than the singles matches, somehow. More angles and rat-a-tat rallies at the net, back and forth. Cool!


Been good this year, although please God let someone beat the Williams sisters if there is any justice in the world for those who slog it out day after day on the Challenger and Satellite circuits! I know Serena has been really really ill, but even so! I don’t want them to be champions when everyone around them has played so much more tennis throughout the season. I like Venus’ romper suit though. They are really in fashion at the mo. Saw loads of people wearing them when I was on hols; either that or maxi dresses (which I LOVE). Message to Andy; dont tell people you don’t like them shouting “Come on Tim!”. Knwing the mentality of (some) people in this country, it’s like a red rage to a bull. They will do it all the more! Moronic I know, but each to their own, I guess.


I’ve been loving the coverage this year! Seen U2, Coldplay which was awesome, as was Paul Simon, and been watching Beyonce, which is turning out to be a cool show! Don’t know whether I’ll ever get there in person, but I just love watching it! The Vaccines were on too! Top band, but if I mention their best known track on here, I’ll get the sack! I’m not joking!

Tim Hughes

Obviously I’m a Christian, but I’ve not really been into Christian music until comparatively recently. My mum is a total rocker and has got into bands like YFriday and Verra Cruz. I’ve got into a worship director from Holy Trinity Brompton, London, called Tim Hughes. I first saw him live at Greenbelt and have two of his albums now; Here I am To Worship and When Silence Falls. There is a new one out which I will be getting. I really love his music; it’s playing in my car all the time. It cheers me in a morning, going to work, as I’m facing the challenges of the day ahead as anyone who works with children and young people would know about. I would never say for a second that I am confident about how I do my job. I don’t know everything and I do not find discipline an easy thing to do. Many people at my school would say it comes naturally to me, but I certainly don’t feel that way at all!

ArleyFest…the verdict…

Well! Really good! Okay so it rained today, but friday night and the whole of Saturday gave us some awesome stuff! Seth Lakeman, Scott Matthews, One Sixth of Tommy, Naked Remedy, a high school group called The Unknown (look out for these guys, great musicians and two amazing young singers. they will be going places, as they write their own stuff as well as doing covers), Dirty Old Folkers who had never done a festival before and were HILARIOUS…really great stuff! Check out youtube for Seth Lakeman (plays violin, song called Lady of The Sea), Scott Matthews (songs called Elusive, and Passing Stranger), Naked Remedy (most of stuff on youtube seems to show four in the band, but we saw three on stage at ArleyFest, with the lead singer singing from the drums a la Phil Collins…but that’s where the similarities end!), One Sixth of Tommy (three girls in the band, got lots of gigs coming up) and 6 day riot. I was worried about the weather but know I’m glad I went!


I am going to this folk music festival this weekend (10-12 June). I’m camping, with three of my friends, and am looking forward to hearing some good music. Check out for more info on acts and tickets that are still available. Also copy some of the acts into youtube if you want to hear them. Just hope for good weather. Sunshine and showers I can cope with. Wall to wall rain I cannot, so if that happens we’ll have to see how tough I really am (or how good the music is!). I camp every year at Greenbelt and one year I went was skidding through mud baths everywhere, so I have camped in constant rain and lived to tell the tale!

Can people reading your blog be an insult?…

I had to kick some learners out of the Learning Resources Centre the other day (if you’re sitting there just talking instead of working or reading, out you go). As the group was finally leaving, one shouted “I’ve read your blog!”. And? There was no other comment, so was this supposed to be a complement or an insult? I am not so naive as to think given the situation that it was meant as something positive, but for anyone who has a blog, the principal hope is that people will read it! That must at the most basic level, be something good! The main wish has been achieved! 🙂

A week in Lyme Regis…

Me, Mum and Dad have worked out that we have been going to Lyme, on and off, for twenty years. It is a small town right on the south coast. It has a famous medieval sea defence, called the Cobb, which is a huge wall that sticks right out into the sea. Meryl Streep walked on it in the film of the John Fowles novel The French Lieutenant’s Woman. My mum walked on top of it this time, with my dad, despite it being very windy. I’m not brave enough (or foolhardy enough, depending on your point of view) so I sat on a bench, looking at the harbour, to wait for them. I love this place; we all do. We’ve been here so often that if we do go anywhere, we’re always going back to places we’ve visited many times before, but in Lyme, it doesn’t seem to matter. We just love it! MOre and more people have discovered its beauty over the years, so it isn’t as quiet maybe as it once was, particularly during half term, and when the weather is as hot as it was on Thursday and Friday, but for us, it has never, ever lost any of its charm. There’s got to be something special about it to make us go back again and again!