Monthly Archives: May 2011


The homelessness fundraising I blogged about, with cakes made by me and mum, and by our organist (mmmm…chocolate brownies…..mmmmm) raised £26.15 this time, which is AMAZING! I was so pleased! I love doing fundraising for the continuing existence of my church because it plays a very important part in my life, but doing something like this is great. A visitor from another church in the town told me that plans were being discussed about a new church building to combine the two churches who have joined together in a LEP (Local Ecumenical Partnership) in one building instead of in their current two. He told me that he had suggested adding a room on to the plans for this to house beds and a kitchen to provide temporary shelter and hot food for the homeless! Brilliant! This is the sort of thing I really wanted to get involved in, only to discover that there was hardly anything available for the homeless in this town. Fantastic news!

The Royal Wedding DVD

I’ve bought the BBC dvd of the coverage, and I’ve spotted on the back that the BBC has donated the proceeds from the DVD sales to the charitable foundation of Princes William and Harry! I didn’t realise that when I bought it, so that’s a bonus!