Monthly Archives: April 2011

Work for homeless

Our vicar has remembered that she said we could have donations for the homeless and poor, for the donations at May’s family communion service. The organist makes the yummiest chocolate brownies I’ve ever tasted, and me and mum are going to make some mini muffins, either chocolate chip or apple and cinnamon. We got about £22 last time, so obviously if we can get a similar amount this time that would be great! I’ll take anything though! Everything helps!

The Royal Wedding, 29/04/11

Our learners have Tuesday and Wednesday in school, then on Thursday they get a day off as we have a training day, which would’ve been on the Friday, but it is now a Bank Holiday. As a self-trained royal historian, I will be glued to the coverage. It is questionable whether the royal family are worth it or not. I think in terms of tourism and patronage they are, but people from other countries do seem to love the monarchy when they are visiting Britain, but when asked if they’d like a monarchy in their own country, They say no. I however, love the pomp and circumstance, although given the state of the public finances, I am having to sort out in my head the concept of the government contributing money for the wedding, when there are people in this country who are facing homelessness or who are homeless. I’m sure I will really enjoy the spectacle; I always do, but I’m sure there will be something in the back of my mind…

Rejoicing in the celebration of Easter…

For the vast majority of Christians, Easter and the whole of Holy Week is more important as a celebration than Christmas. Our children’s service at church on Holy Saturday went well, with me and my friend specifically contributing a puppet show. We had the early morning “First Fire of Easter” service today at 5am, so that we were in the church, in the service, hearing the birdsong as the dawn broke. That is the most brilliant part of that service. I love it! My grandad came over to share Easter lunch with us, which was great. Good Friday found me with what turned out to be a 24 hour sickness and diarrhoea bug, so I’m glad I was well enough to not spoil everyone else’s day, and I was well enough to be involved in the services I had volunteered for!

Soul Survivor Christian Conference

Me and Mum go to the Greenbelt Christian Arts Festival at Cheltenham Racecourse every year, but we’ve been looking at Soul Survivor, as I’ve heard about it, and we were thinking of going for a day to the one at Stafford Showground (there’s two further weeks both at the Bath and West Showground) to find out what’s it’s like and if it’s for us. If anyone has experienced this event before, please feel free to comment, as it would be appreciated. We tried Greenbelt for a day, and discovered very quickly that there was so much to do that we definitely needed to camp the following year. That’s why we thought going to this for a day would be a good first step. Looking forward to any comments or opinions people can give us! I promise to check more regularly as I’m on Easter hols, and have done my bit of preparation for the children’s service I’m involved with on Easter Saturday! 🙂