Monthly Archives: March 2011

Lots of charity work and fundraising!

There is so much fundraising going on at my school right now! Whether its for Japan, New Zealand, for Lent cos we’re a Catholic school, or for a memorial bench to remember a boy who died a few weeks ago, its happening, and its brilliant! from Name the Sheep to cake sales, its awesome and I’m lovin it! 😀

Programmes I like…

My dad gets annoyed with me, cos he can’t deal with a lotta schmaltz! I love programmes like Noel’s Christmas Presents, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and The Secret Millionaire, as they look at projects and charities that in turn give me ideas for what I can be doing. My problem is that my energy levels cannot keep up with imagination and creativity! My friend doesn’t have that problem! We always say that if we could bottle and sell her energy (and keep some for all of us who have none) we’d make a packet!

Japan Earthquake and tsunami

As Japan has not asked for international aid, the DEC is reccomending doantions to The Red Cross to assist the Japanese Red Cross with their rescue work on the ground, as well as running displacement centres providing shelter, warmth and food to those who have lost their homes. The Red Cross worldwide is the only charity with experience of dealing with disassters in developed countries. Go to to donate.

I did some growing up and accepting today…

I was disappointed because I had to tell my friend about the surprise birthday cake I was making for her. I have now reconciled myself to this and she’s happy cos she’s getting a cake, but initially I went through a mix of emotions; anger because my careful planning had failed and then guilt because I put the importance of my plans working over everyone else including my friends. I’ve dealt with it but I hope I’ve learned something because I see myself as many things but not neccesarily as selfish.

Homeless Fundraising…

£22.55, which is amazing compared to what I expected, and the vicar has suggested we do it again in a couple of months. I know it isn’t a huge amount, but to quote the old adage “every penny counts”. It all makes a difference.

Response To Agatha

It’s true we have a small and predominantly elderly congregation. However, anything is better than nothing. The vicar has suggested £2 for tea or coffee plus biscuit or cake. I’m not sure about £2. £1 might be more realisitic. We’ve contributed by making some apple and cinnamon mini muffins, so we’ll see what happens! I’ll blog about it if things go ok!