Monthly Archives: February 2011

You can tell its holiday time again…

If I’m on here, writing, particularly in an evening, then you can guess pretty accurately that I’m on holiday! Usually I am unable to do anything else in an evening but sleep!

I’d like to say belated thanks to Roland, who commented on one of my previous posts, about Poverty Action and Homelessness Week. I looked into this, but it all coincided with our new vicar taking over at church after a lengthly interregnum, which left me unsure as to who to ask to actually do something. However, another of our clergy has told me that homelessness is an important issue for her also, so now our new vicar has got her feet well and truly “under the table” so to speak, I need to talk to her to see if we can do something. The Cup of Tea events on Homelessness Sunday and Poverty Action Sunday, where money could be raised by donations made for cups of tea and coffee at the end of a service, was what I was thinking about. We’ll see if we can do something at the next Family Communion, which is when we normally have refreshments.

I always have much to think about and consider, although for the sake of my loved ones and my job, I do not always blog about such thoughts. My prayers are full of thanks for what I have, for guidance to do as God would have me do, but they are also full of regrets when my actions or my words cause me anguish and insecurity.  There are elements of perfectionism (if that’s possible) in my personality, so there are some things that I see as not being right, and that I take personally as a failure on my part. Everyone has their own insecurities in life. Mine, like many, come from all aspects of my life; work, homelife, faith, relationships, everything. An Athiest like my father would love the idea of faith causing insecurities, but it does, for me at any rate. I am totally convinced in the fact that I am here to help people, but as I always say I have little idea of how this will happen.

( As a final sillyish aside, just thought I’d let you know that Drink Me Chai Chai Latte is a powdered drink, best made in my opinion with half milk, half water, which makes it creamier. It’s great and I thoroughly recommend it. You can get it from Sainsburys, but you might be able to buy it from other supermarkets too……! )