Monthly Archives: January 2011

Good TV and radio…

Over Christmas we’ve been watching a night dedicated to the Good Life, one dedicated to Peep Show (what is so appealing about Mark and Sophie getting married, so much so that people voted to see the episode again? What we need is the Megatron! Get in! I’m just weird) another Royle Family special (will Barbara even get her Dyson back off Joe? I doubt it! Kinda thought there would be one at new year, seeing as Saskia was plainly going into labour, but it’s a open narrative so we’ll see) and a night dedicated to Morecambe and Wise, and tonight we’re watching the first Stargazing programme. Seems good, even though Dara O’Briain is jumping on the comedy bandwagon a little too much, but is managing to balance that with his knowledge and understanding of the aspects of the subject, so I’ll let him off. Apparently, the whole reason for this series is because over the next few days there will be a conjuction of galaxies, involving the Milky Way (our galaxy, but my main problem is I’m going to get distracted by all this talk of chocolate….Did ya get it? Even worse than my dad’s I reckon), and another galaxy will be created. That’s what I think is going on, but I only got a double E in my combined science gcse so I’m probably wrong.

On radio, Radio 3 has been wall-to-wall Mozart since New Year’s Day, and will remain so until Jan 12th, I think (sorry, looking at AMAZING shots of moving lava at a volcano on Hawaii, and the northern lights from the most northly coast of Scotland. WOW!). We’ve had music, discussion, history, biographical dramatisations, the works. The other major thing is on Radio 4. We go through phases as a family of listening to The Archers, but to mark the 60th anniversary of the beginning of broadcasting, an episode which would “rock Ambridge to its core”. They were teasing us with the drama of Helen’s pre-eclampsia and baby Henry’s dramatic birth, but as soon as David said to Nigel that he would prefer to get the banner off the roof right there and then, I knew something was bad. Sure enough they were up on a roof in the dark and wind. One would fall but which? We all know now that it was Nigel. He died, leaving Elizabeth a widow with two young children. It seems that Graham Seed who plays Nigel, was told that his character was being killed off on Bonfire NIght by the programme’s editor, Vanessa Whitburn. No choice in the matter, but I guess that’s the lot for any actor; they can only control things if they leave themselves. If they keep going, there’s always a chance that someone will decide that the character’s time is up.

We’re watching Gordon Buchanan and black bears in America now. Just seen a baby. Aww! so cute…and yet able to bite at a very early age!

Back to work…

We’ve got a teaching training day tomorrow, so the kids won’t be back in till Wednesday. I hope everyone enjoyed their new year celebrations (I can actually remember mine; not so sure how many other people can say that, apart from all the people who went to the same do as I did, cos people were drinking but nobody was off their face, I’m glad to say. I don’t drink, whether I’m driving or not) and I hope everyone has a great time in 2011. Me and my friend have got our first Sunday School of the new year on Jan 16th. plenty of things to do in the coming months, and plenty of things to think about doing as well.