Monthly Archives: October 2010

What am I doing at church…

We’ve done the Harvest Festival, last Sunday. It included a sketch to promote the work of the Farmers Overseas Action Group which was the charity we were raising money for. We had a mad doctor and her Magnificent Mulitplying Machine. We put a seed in to make a sunflower, a ping pong ball became a football, a cocoa tin became a bar of Cadburys Fairtrade Choccie and a bouncy rubber egg became…my cuddly yellow duck Penny! At the end we put “a little money” (a big cardboard £1 coin) and ” a little hope” (a card saying “hope”) into the machine, and out came a big banner saying “A Bright Future”.

We’re doing a Harvest sunday School next Sunday, and I’ve just been writing out the script for the Christingle service in December. We tried to do one last year as well as the crib service, but couldn’t find available time in church to do it. We could’ve done it at the primary school, but I’ve always found that Christingles are more effective in an evening as the lit candles glow better. We would’ve had to have a morning service if we’d done it at the school.

I’ve emailed our team rector about the stuff I blogged about working more with people in this town. He says he can help me do this, and there’s lots of work that can be done. I’ll have a chat with him on Sunday, after the service, as he’s presiding.

Ryder Cup and The Commonwealth Games

Okay so Europe won, which is fantastic, but the fact that it was so close did nothing for my blood pressure! I am very proud of the guys, cos playing the Americans is never easy whether Tiger Woods is playing well or not.

Despite all the problems in Delhi, the sporting action has been really good! A little predictable in terms of the Australians winning lots, and it might be good if they just used one verse of “Jerusalem” for the English anthem, so it didn’t go on so long, but otherwise really good! I love both that and “Land of Hope and Glory”, so people might be commenting on the change of anthems, but there’s plenty to choose from for all the home nations!