Father Laurence Freeman

Check out www.wccm.org. This is the website of the World Community for Christian Meditation. I missed Father Laurence’s talks at Greenbelt, as there is so much going on, and you can’t physically see everything as much as you might like to, but I have downloaded them from the website. In the first one that I have listened to, Father Laurence talks about using meditation as a form of contemplative prayer. I have done this for some time, but have only just discovered the WCCM. Taize concentrates on a repetitive chant. This concentrates on a chant but it is often just one word. I use “Peace” or “Calm” very often. Father Laurence uses “Maranatha” which means “Come, Lord” in Aramaic, I think. In such a stressed world, we can do ourselves and God a favour, by taking time to centre ourselves and to concentrate solely on one thing.