Monthly Archives: June 2010

Today at Wimbledon…

Apparently Isner’s down a set in his second round match. losing the first set 6-0. He’s been having his neck massaged…I kept saying that whoever won the marathon would go no further cos they were just too shattered!

Bowling at the Weekend

I’m going bowling on Saturday, for my friend’s birthday (actually on 28th June). Should be good, even though I happily admit to be rubbish at bowling. My other friend is too, so we’ll both be rubbish together, and both of us will disturb the people in the next lane because that’s where our bowls end up! Either that or we’ll hurt one of our own friends cos we send our bowls backwards rather than down the alley! Should be entertaining if we’re both there!

Mahut really didn’t need the presentation did he?!

So, mammoth match at Wimbledon, eventually ended with Isner winning. A presentation was made to the players, and they had to stand for photos by the scoreboard. For Isner, he won, so he would’ve been tired. For Mahut, he had lost, and emotionally spent. Maybe they could’ve let the players rest a bit first, and done the presentation later? Mahut was made to play his doubles match that day, while Isner’s was put off until today. My mum commented that she thought that was unfair. The Queen seemed to enjoy her day. She doesn’t really like tennis that much, which explains why she doesn’t go that often!

David Cameron at the G8/G20

Is it me or did Cameron look really uncomfortable when he got off the plane in Toronto and found saluting Mounties and a welcoming party of dignatories waiting for him? Cities think about what’s good for international profile when they agree to host these big events. They don’t think about the immediate effect on the populus! It might bring in money, but people are trying to go on with their lives despite huge increases in security. One woman said to the BBC “Take down the security wall and give us back our city”.

Arrivederci L’azzuri!

So, Italy 2 Slovakia 3! Mum saw bits of it, but she really prefers the tennis, so Wimbledon won with her! I get the impression that the match was tense as the scoreline does ultimately suggest. Everyone keeps saying “The world champions crash out”. I can’t believe they were the defending champions. As I said before, it was a shock when they did win last time. I was amazed.

Labelling books…

I seem to have done little else but this for the past two days. Its got to be done, but after a bit I find that I’m looking at my lists of books and Dewey classification for longer than normal because I’m going boss-eyed. Once they’re all labelled, then they can go on the shelves…and that bit is painful because I suffer from RSI or repetitive strain injury and I wear braces on my wrists. It’s all good clean fun, as one of my colleagues would say!

The England game, and going home early!

I can’t lie: it was good to go home a bit earlier yesterday! The score was England 1 Slovenia 0 which I know you know. Looks like we will have to play Germany which is not so good. Italy play tonight which won’t be good either, and Serbia are out I believe, and I had them in the work sweepstake, so their destiny to crash out was assured!

Carnegie and Kate Greenaway Book Award winners…

The results of this were announced today! The Graveyard Book, by Neil Gaiman (of Coraline fame) won the Carnegie Medal. I can think of at least one member of my reading group who loved that book. It was about a young orphaned boy who was bought up in a graveyard by ghosts! The kate greenaway prize is for the best picture book. that was won by Harry and Hopper, by Margaret Wild, and illustrated by Freya Blackwood.

Italy 1 New Zealand 1…

We watched the match at my grandads. bit disappointed, but wasn’t exactly expecting them to go through to the final. I didn’t expect them to win when they did to be honest! Didn’t see the England game as I was watching an outdoor amateur production of Much Ado about Nothing in Worcester. Great play, great picnic (thanx Els). Saw amateur production at my local theatre of Ronald Harwood’s The Dresser, on Saturday night. More fundraising for church plus the gym on Saturday day, then taught Sunday School this morning. Good Father’s Day – dad seemed to like his prezzies and card!

Thanks folks!

Thanks for all the responses to my can’t do right from wrong blog! Knowing there are so many other people who feel that way about things they do does help, but I guess it would be so much easier if none of us cared! In the field I work in, where we are trying to help some at times challenging learners amke the best of themselves, not caring really sounds a bit off. You have to care about other people to be able to do this job.