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Half Term! I made it!

OMG! It’s 3 pm, so exactly 1 hour to go! I cannot believe I have made it through to this point! We’ve said goodbye to one of our TAs today who is returning to nursing the terminally ill. I’ll miss her so much, but I know she’s perfect for such a demanding job. She’s one of the kindest, gentlest people I know. For me, I’m on hols for a week on the South coast, so I’ll only be on here if I can find an internet cafe!

News on Grandad…

He will have to have surgery to remove polyps, but at least we definitely know that it isn’t cancer (thank you Lord) and that these polyps have been caught early so they can be removed before they become nasty. I have to say we are all very relieved and it is good to see my mother looking a bit more relaxed than she has been the last few days! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Much appreciated.


Printers really annoy me. When they work they are brilliant, but at the moment mine really don’t know whether its thursday afternoon or friday night high street! They are printing, but they are chucking documents out 10 or 15 minutes after they were sent to print. At least they are printing, although I’m not sure that reassurance works on our learners as it does on me! GRRRRR!

Half term

I am aware that most people do work when I have holidays. I do know about this, and I do appreciate that I am fortunate. I am looking forward to going to the South coast of england for a week. I suspect the weather will be pooey, but we can’t do anything about that. We’re going to a place that we’ve been to so many times, we know it as well as our home town. I love seeing, hearing and smelling the sea. Anywhere by the sea gees up my creativity and imagination big time. Sand, people, the different colours in pebbles, in the sea itself, the sparkle the sun adds to the mix, the sight and sound of the waves, whether they are gentle or forceful. Brilliant…

My grandad…

Is currently at hospital with my mum, because he is having an investigation done, involving a camera being put where the sun doesn’t shine, because of symptoms he’s being having. Please pray for him, and for my mother, who is very worried, like the rest of us, to whichever God is yours. If you don’t believe in a god, then ask what you do believe in to be with them, or just dig deep in your heart and hope for the best. I wish I could’ve gone with them, as my mum is not well herself, but I’m at work, and even if I’d said I’d take the day as unpaid leave, my absence appears at least to cause more problems than I’d realised. I was away with flu for a week some months back, and that’s when I realised what a problem I cause when I’m away for more than a day! I honestly didn’t think I mattered that much!


I am unsure on whether I like surprises or not! I suppose, understandably, it depends on whether they are nice or nasty! finding out that someone you trust is being nasty about you behind your back is as much of a surprise as someone giving you a gift you weren’t expecting or saying something nice to you. My mother loves presents to be surprises. These days though, my father is careful. He used to buy clothes for her as surprise presents. He’s now learned 1) that its better to try something on first, in case it doesn’t fit, and 2) my mum is a very casual dresser and some of the things he’d like to see her in, and what she will actually wear, are not the same thing and never will be! I think he understands both now!

my friends are getting married!

Unfortunately I’m away when they are getting married on June 4th, but I’ve been aware of all the planning and preparation. The accent colour is blue, and I’ve seen a picture of THE dress. I’ve also seen a picture of the final result, of an initial consultation at the hairdresser’s! I know everyone will look amazing! Two of the bride’s sisters will be bridesmaids, and they are wearing blue. The flowers are blue and white, and the groom’s tie and waistcoat will be blue. I hope everyone has a brilliant day! I look forward to seeing lots of photos, and maybe a dvd if there is one! They had their gifts off me last night, although there may be an extra surprise coming to them the day before the big day…and thats all the info I’m giving!

Some more of Bonzo and friends

This is from the second book called “Bonzo and Friends go to the theatre”.

Chapter Five
The toys stood still. The two cats were gob-smacked!

“Has this happened before?”, asked the bigger cat in a whisper.

Trixie Dog nodded. “It took us to a big country house in the year 1808. Elizabeth and Roisin talked to a cat there, called Sasha”.

The toys were already trotting into the summer house. They gathered in the space just beyond the door. Trixie left the shocked cats and went to join the others. They waited. Slowly, as before, the door swung shut. The toys huddled together, some snuggling themselves again deep into Christie Bear’s thick white fur. They closed their eyes, as around them, the summer house started to shake and make a sound like rushing, howling wind, like it had before. Most of the toys had been through this once, but it had been a while, and that howling noise was really scary! Mia, Bonnie and Cherry weren’t there the last time, so they were terrified.

“What’s happening to us?” squealed Bonnie. “I don’t like this!”.

Bonzo and Harvey reached out their paws to the bear, the dog, and the white rabbit. They all held on tightly as the house continued to shake, whine, moan and howl.

“We’re travelling back through time”, said Bonzo, as everything rushed by in a blur. “The one thing we don’t know is where we’re going…”.

The summer house was slowing down. The toys were still scared. They clung to each other, as the howling and whining died away to silence and everything, finally, was still. The toys didn’t move. They needed to be absolutely sure that everything had stopped moving. Finally, Bonzo felt that it was safe to move and to breathe again. He opened his eyes, and took a deep breath in and let it out, in a sigh of relief…

“Oh good grief! What a disgusting smell!”.

Chapter Six
“Well, I don’t know where we are” said Bonzo, who was finding the awful stench very difficult, “but it smells like the bathroom when Mr Wheeler comes home from work”.

“Worse than that” said Arthur, briefly removing his paw from his nose, “much, much, much worse!”.

Mia, Bonnie, Cherry and Christie, being very lady-like toys, had found a wall to clamber on to. They had been looking at the muck and filth that was flowing all over the cobbled ground, and there was no way they were letting their fur come into contact with that. Water was bad enough, but this….All of them shuddered at the mere thought of it! As Cherry and Christie were snow white in colour, they were particularly horrified by what they were seeing….and smelling. There was no escaping that!

The toys appeared to be in a courtyard of some sort. There was no one about, although the noise coming from somewhere close by was loud. It sounded like lots of people. The more you breathed in, the worse the smell made you feel. It was truly awful. Be it the bathroom, or his smelly shoes and socks, Bonzo made a mental note never to think anything nasty about what Mr Wheeler smelt like sometimes, ever again! The puppy looked about him. He was more than a little bit scared, which, as you know, is strange for Bonzo. He turned back and looked at the other toys behind him. They all looked as worried as he felt.

“Okay” said Bonzo. “Let’s explore….but keep close to the buildings. Go underneath the bit that sticks out of the top floors. It’s dark and no one should be able to see us”.

Some Poems

Have you ever…..?

Have you ever
Had a longing
So strong
That it hurts you
Causes you pain?

Have you ever
Wanted to stretch out
Your hand
And gently touch
That gorgeous face?

Have you ever
Wanted to gently
Their lips
With your own?

Have you ever
Wanted to hold
So close and so tight
That you can feel
Their warmth
Drink their smell
Feel both your hearts
Beating as one?

Have you ever
Been in love?

Have you ever
Had to pull yourself
Out of love
When, truthfully,
You don’t want to?


The language of calm

The indicator of loneliness
The casting out of one
From the larger group

The strongest form of communication
Known to man
And also the most humbling
The most sinister
The most debilitating

From a friend or dear one
When no words are said
Not even the raise of an eyebrow
It engenders worry, fear, panic…
Abject terror at such potential loss

So little said
No words, no sound
And yet the pain
That can be caused by nothing
Is indescribable….

My feet
A stinging burning sensation
My calves

A feeling of any energy
Draining away
The flow whirling one direction
Then another
Like the washing up water
As it disappears
Forever down the plug hole!

Home seems, and is, so far away
I am so tired
Despondency and forlornness
Come hand in hand
At times like this

I am as exhausted as I knew I would be
And yet
Looking at the jobs
Still to be accomplished
The overwhelming feeling is
That nothing at all, today,
Has been achieved…..

The breeze
The smell
The sounds of
Rhythmic, lulling

My mother, a Piscean
Feels she should be
By the sea.
Me, a fire sign,
Would be quenched to smoke
And yet there is something about
The huge expanse
Of blue, green and grey
That stretches out

That’ll do. Maybe somehow posting poems will make me feel better….or not as the case may be…

Being Articulate

Some people feel that people who are young cannot possibly be erudite, articulate and able to express themselves without using “like” or the f-word. I disagree totally. Some learners may be challenging in terms of their attitude to staff, or to the fact that you must do as you are told otherwise you are misbehaving, but that definitely doesn’t mean to say that they can’t argue their way out of a strait jacket or sell ice to the Eskimos. Most of them can! I know we see a lot of young people on TV. Some can express themselves, some can’t. Don’t assume that all, or indeed, any, of our young people are “mindless”. You are heading for a fall over a very steep, rocky, and ultimately fatal, precipice!